Collaboration Tools from Mobile World Congress 2016

When it comes to simple meetings, you can’t go wrong with OPTiM Cafe. However, here are some collaboration tools that were recently introduced at Mobile World Congress 2016 that can make your Cafe experience even better!

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Yes, this is a bit of a gimme since this was easily one of the biggest stories of MCW. But, it’s too good not to cover. Removable storage = more large files you can share. Water resistance = no trouble if you’re sharing on the go and it starts to sprinkle. More battery life = longer sharing. You get the idea. And there’s an Edge model, too! Check out Gizmodo for more analysis.

2. Oppo Super VOOC Technology

Oppo Super VOOC Technology
Oppo’s proprietary technology lets its phones be charged from zero to 100% in under fifteen minutes. As Engadget reported, Oppo staff at MWC had a dead phone, plugged it in, did some promo talk for 10 minutes, and then pulled out the phone again – it was fully charged.

3. Sandisk USB Type-C Pen Drive

Sandisk USB Type-C Pen Drive
Just in case you’re one of the people that prefers hand-held storage to the cloud, here’s the next generation of drives for you. Sandisk is releasing a 120GB USB with a soon-to-be ubiquitous USB Type-C connector. Keep all your data on hand, ready to show off with Cafe.Digital Trends has all the details.

4. Huawei MateBook

Huawei MateBook
TechRadar has a positive review for this 2-in-1 Windows tablet: it’s powerful, it comes with a case/keyboard, and has a stylus. Perfect for working anywhere.

5. Starship Technologies Local Delivery Bot

Starship Technologies Local Delivery Bot
Not strictly one of the collaboration tools, but if you’re working at home and order some food for the lunchtime remote meeting, this little bot may be the one delivering. It’s meant to be for local businesses for making small deliveries. CNET has a write-up, along with an adorable video.

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