Stop wasting time – simple screen sharing in less than a second!

Simple screen sharing feature

Even though there are many ways to share your computer’s screen, most of them are complicated and take a lot of time to set up. When developing OPTiM Cafe, we made it our priority to simplify things and make them more natural. Therefore, we’ve developed “Quick start!”

Simple screen sharing just like changing your display

For Windows users, we have developed a feature called “Quick start.”
When using Windows, you can start sharing your screen by pressing the Windows key + P, the function usually used for changing displays. But don’t worry, you can use it to change your display just like you did before, the only difference is that we’ve added Cafe to it

Why we developed “Quick start”

One of the problems when using new technology like OPTiM Cafe in everyday life is that you forget using it. Haven’t you experienced it before? Finding a new ground-breaking app that could make your every-day work life so much easier, but in your actual routine you just forget using it? We’re so much caught up our everyday routine that it’s hard to try something new.
When you want to use OPTiM Cafe on Windows, you don’t have to change your routine. You can start sharing your presentation or documents the same way as you did before. The only difference is you don’t need an external display anymore. It just perfectly integrates in your current work life.

Download OPTiM Cafe for Windows for free

You can download OPTiM Cafe for free here or on! With the free version, you can share your screen continuously for up to 15 minutes. To view the screen you’re sharing, your partner needs nothing more than a device that has a browser, like an Android or Windows tablet, an iPad or smartphone.

If you’re not sure how to use OPTiM Cafe, please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or leave us a comment!

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