How to improve your meeting – introduction video

meeting software OPTiM Cafe

Here’s a suggestion how to improve your next meeting. Our screen sharing service OPTiM Cafe is still a very new service, and some might wonder how to use it, therefore we have made an introduction video to show how OPTiM Cafe could be used in an office meeting. Please take a look at the following video.

When asking Yumi, our human resources staff who appeared in the video, how she’s using OPTiM Cafe, she told me that she’s using Cafe almost every day!

When I’m recruiting, I use OPTiM Cafe to show the students our company explanatory material when presenting our company. It’s almost as if I’m right with them, therefore they like it very much!♪


Thank you Yumi for your comment! Download OPTiM Cafe below, and try it for yourself!

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

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