Screen Sharing is Simple with OPTiM Cafe’s Smart UI

Smart Screen Sharing

OPTiM works hard to develop proprietary core technologies to give our customers the best experience possible. With OPTiM Cafe, we’re proud to introduce one of our newer innovations, Smart UI. It makes screen sharing is as smooth as it gets.

What is Smart UI?

Of course, with OPTiM Cafe, you can have screen sharing between smartphones, tablets and PCs. But a PC’s screen is probably horizontal, a smartphone’s is usually vertical, and who knows how a tablet is being held. How can you collaborate between the different orientations? Enter Smart UI.

Screen Sharing with Smart UI

With Smart UI, the Cafe display will be shown at the same orientation as the host, no matter if your screen is vertical or horizontal. Let’s say the host is using his or her iPhone and holding it vertically – then the shared screen will be a vertical image in the middle of your PC display. But, if iPhone is turned to landscape mode, your Cafe display will automatically become horizontal to suit it!

How to use Smart UI

Smart UI works automatically! No need to apply any settings or press a button – when the Cafe host changes his or her screen orientation, the participants’ screens will change along with it.
Screen Sharing with Smart UI in action

This way, you can have a meeting from any device, whether you’re hosting from a PC at your desk, holding a smartphone while on-the-go, balancing an iPad Pro on your lap at home, or showing the view from your smart glass.

For more information about Smart UI and other intellectual properties from OPTiM, please visit our Core Technologies page.

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