Brain-Boosting Food for Effective Meetings

One surefire way to perk up a meeting is to provide refreshments. But not all snacks are created equal. Here’s a quick guide for the best brain-boosting food to keep your meeting running well.

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Morning meetings: something sweet

This isn’t an excuse to have a donut every time you join a meeting! But, it’s been found that having a sweet treat early in the morning boosts your brain for the rest of the day. Just don’t go overboard, and make sure to have some protein-rich foods as well so you don’t have a sugar crash later. Or have a piece of fruit. Or you can go the route of OPTiM staff member T, who buys a pastry every night so he can have it ready for him as soon as he gets up the next day.

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Any time: something to drink

This one is easy: any non-alcoholic drink can perk up the mind, even water. Around the OPTiM office, we always have coffee, green tea, and hojicha (roasted green tea) on hand. And, of course, sipping a fresh brew at your local coffee house while having a remote meeting is a natural fit with OPTiM Cafe!

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Afternoon boost: protein-packed snacks

Food with a lot of protein can help the mind stay strong over the last few hours of the day. Nuts, cheese, yogurt are recommended. Dark chocolate is also a great option; it’s practically guaranteed that your meeting participants will be more motivated if they munch on a square of chocolate before getting down to business.

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After work brainstorming

Any kind of food suits an after work casual brainstorming or retrospection, but just be careful to not have too much to drink. Even if the meeting is laid-back, you still need to watch what you say and act professionally! If you want to have a drink with low or no alcohol, try a trendy cocktail using with bitters, soda, and an optional dash of liquor.

Feeling hungry after reading this? Go out and get some brain-boosting food and get your work done simply with OPTiM Cafe!

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