Web Meeting Across Japan: an OPTiM Cafe Report

Not an actual picture from an OPTiM meeting
Not an actual OPTiM meeting… but maybe some day…

Now that OPTiM is in a beautiful new office, we wanted to try a new kind of all-hands meeting. For the first time, our two branch offices would join us in a web meeting. But how could our CEO and directors present materials to three offices simultaneously? Read on to find out.

Shiodome Building, the new home of the OPTiM Tokyo Head Office!

Our new office building!

New Beginnings!

OPTiM Corporation moved to a new office on February 29th. At the end of a day full of unpacking and setting things up, we held our monthly meeting. Of course, we wanted our branch offices to join so they can see the new all-purpose room. However, simply using a video chat application didn’t work quite right for this… if we put the cameras in front of the display, the branch offices can see the presentation, but they would be blocking the view for the rest of the audience. But, if we put the cameras to the side, the branch offices couldn’t view what was being displayed. How did we solve this? With OPTiM Cafe, of course!

A Smooth Web Meeting!

At the beginning of the meeting, the materials were brought up, and then shared with OPTiM Cafe. We told the branch offices the sharing number, and that was it! All the members in other parts of the country were able to follow along with the meeting on their own devices.


After the meeting, dinner from restaurants in the building were delivered, and the Tokyo OPTiM staff started to unwind. (Unfortunately for our branch offices, one thing OPTiM Cafe can’t share is food!) During the party, OPTiM’s first Ideathon was held with Tokyo staff sharing their ideas for new products. Branch offices were able to join in by watching the presentations with OPTiM Cafe. The leader of the Ideathon, Mr. Taniguchi, commented:

“The students who work part-time in the Saga Office usually don’t have a chance to use OPTiM’s products, so it’s great that they were able to use Cafe to watch the Ideathon. Thanks to Cafe, staff from branch offices and the head office were able to participate.”

A simple web meeting!

A web meeting is easy with OPTiM Cafe!

How Did Cafe Help?

OPTiM has often held web meetings, both in-company and out. However, there has always been trouble with documents. Sure, you can send materials beforehand and both sides can look at their copy of the file. However, in that case, you have to go back and forth telling each other to go to the next slide, look at another file, etc. Not to mention worrying about file/OS compatibility and corrupted data. But, with OPTiM Cafe, we didn’t experience these issues at all. Everyone in the meeting was able to see exactly what they needed to see, effortlessly. If you want to try having such an easy web meeting, find out more at the official OPTiM Cafe page.

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