What to share with OPTiM Cafe for iOS

Now that we know the new iPhone SE and smaller iPad Pro are on the way, here’s a refresher for all the things you can do with OPTiM Cafe on iOS!

Making a document on iOS

Creating and editing documents

Crowding around a computer to write a document is never fun. And shared document programs can be useful, but you sometimes face dueling edits and writing. With Cafe, one person can control the typing, while the other participants can watch and give commentary.

Recommended iOS apps: Pages, Microsoft Word, Kingsoft WPS Office, Textilus Pro

Map app

Annotating maps

Sometimes the directions from a map app are a little wonky, and you have to draw them in yourself. Or maybe there’s construction and you have to teach people a detour. When you need to give instructions that aren’t in your favorite map application, sharing your screen and drawing in directions with Cafe is the way to go.

Recommended iOS apps: Google Maps, Waze

Playing games on iOS

Sharing games

Granted, you don’t need Cafe for a two-player game or a grand theatrical game that’s probably on Twitch already, but Cafe is perfect for little games. You can introduce a friend to a game, teach your strategies, or show off your high score.

Recommended iOS apps: Threes!, Kami, Doodle Jump, FRAMED

Online shopping

Online shopping

Sending links back and forth is one thing, but looking at a shopping app with a friend is the next best thing to mall crawling. With Cafe, there’s no need to cram together around a screen, and you can use the annotation function to show what you want.

Recommended iOS apps: Amazon, Zappos, Etsy, Target

Planning on sticking with your current iOS device? That’s fine, OPTiM Cafe lets you host sharing from any device with iOS 7 or later.

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