Spring into Productivity News Round-Up

Working in this environment would definitely boost productivity!

Spring is just around the corner, and maybe you’re feeling personally rejuvenated. How about at work? Here are some tips from around the internet that can help you tackle your job with renewed energy.

1) Jumpstart Productivity and Get Rid of any Lingering Winter Blues

Lifehack.org lists six different ways to get out of a slump – and yes, all of winter can be a bit of a slump.

2) Figure out what time you are most productive

Next, you can think about when you are the most productive – are you more of a morning person, or a night owl? Do you feel sleepy after lunch, or full of energy? This article from the Huffington Post gives some ways to organize your work so it suits your inner clock.

3) Have Faster Meetings

Meetings are inevitable, so why not follow this tip from Lifehacker to make them faster? You just have to stand instead of sit. Of course, using OPTiM Cafe would help too, and since it’s tablet and smartphone compatible, you don’t have to worry about your arms getting tired from holding your computer up.

4) Make Sure Your Meetings are Effective

After you have a meeting, ensure it actually had a purpose by doing two things: first is short meeting notes with relevant details, tasks, and who will do said tasks. And second, follow-up on the tasks! Distribution of information and keeping in touch with co-workers keeps things on track, which prevents the project from going off the rails and the resulting crisis control meetings. More details and example cases are in this article by Harvard Business Review.

5) Be Productive Right Before Bed

Productivity right up until you’re sleeping doesn’t mean having to bring your laptop to bed. Follow these five tips from Clear Concept Inc., and wake up knowing you’ll have a rewarding day at work. This Cafe blogger also suggests multi-tasking with some self-care as well. For example, do a face mask while checking email, or choosing an outfit that makes you feel confident as part of tomorrow’s planning.

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