How to Have the Fast Meetings of your Dreams

fast meetings

Of course, we always recommend OPTiM Cafe for fast meetings. Think of the minutes you save right off the bat because you don’t have to set up a projector! But, of course, there are other ways to save time. Here are some of the best.

Small meetings = fast meetings

This tip comes from, appropriately enough, Fast Company. The article points out that “When too many people cram into a meeting room, solutions gravitate toward the lowest common denominator.” Keep the conversation nimble and focused by having just the most relevant people attend.

Understand what kind of communication is used

All communication is not created equal. Christine Comaford in this Forbes article illustrates this with an infographic:
Fast Meetings communication types

In meetings, make sure you’re talking about actions, and not just information.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

If you’re in a meeting that’s just going nowhere, you should speak up! This Business Insider article recommends asking about the next item on the agenda. Or, you can ask a question that moves the discussion to be relevant to your work so you can try to control the flow and get things finished!

Try little, spontaneous meetings

This is a Toyota strategy! Matthew E. May at 99u gives the details – don’t plan meetings, call to have them right away to make decisions as they pop up. Discuss this one issue and -boom!- you’re done and back to work.

Have a short-meeting rule

David Nguyen recommends a 12-minute meeting. The number is a bit arbitrary, but the point is that you stick with that length every time. Keep this up, and having a lean meeting will come naturally.

Now go out and have some fast meetings! Follow these tips, and you’ll probably become the office hero for saving everyone’s time – and maybe even start a short meeting trend!

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