Announcing OPTiM Mind! – Brain Communication for Simple Collaboration

OPTiM is proud to announce its successor to OPTiM Cafe – the world’s first app for brain communication, OPTiM Mind!

What is OPTiM Mind?

Instead of merely sharing screens for collaboration, OPTiM Mind allows for sharing thoughts.

  • Never worry about setting up a projector!
  • Never worry about file compatibility!
  • Never worry about devices, OS, or even making a document to share!
  • What’s so special about brain communication?

    OPTiM Mind lets you share your thoughts, whenever, wherever! It’s perfect for remote work or working from home. Instead of having to create a document, type an email, or print out files, you just have to think about the person you want to share with and concentrate on what you want to share – and your partner can see whatever you just mentally shared.

    How can I get such a wonderful app?!

    You’re in luck! OPTiM is offering OPTiM Mind through the original OPTiM Cafe site –
    But act fast – it’s only available on April 1st! Go now to experience the simplest collaboration service!

    OPTiM Mind brain communication

    *note: after this offer expires, OPTiM Cafe, the simple collaboration service, will still be available. Try it out!

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