Remote Work News Roundup

Remote work

The weather is getting so gorgeous, it’s hard to be stuck in an office, isn’t it? Heading out to a park with your laptop to do some remote work is looking pretty appealing right now. Here’s some recent news about working out of the office to inspire you. And remember, OPTiM Cafe was made for this kind of work!

Your desk is a drug

Quite a statement! But, this article with that title from Illogical Life makes a point. Your familiar desk can enforce certain behaviors, so moving to a new spot can boost productivity.

New WorkBar co-working spaces open in Staples stores

Seems like a good match – office supply giant Staples now lets you work inside the store. This is also a convergence of two trends – the growth of commercial co-working spaces and big-box stores selling retail space to other companies.

Lessons learned when jumping to freelance

So you’re just plain tired of a regular 9-to-5 job and want to be your own boss? Here’s a quick rundown of the revelations that may come with becoming freelance – especially if you haven’t been on your own much before. Also, here is an article from Fast Company with the industries that need freelancers the most.

Becoming a digital nomad overseas

And now for another big change: doing all your work remotely while you travel the world. It seems like the stuff of Instagram dreams, but there are little details you need to consider as well.

The digital nomad life

And finally, an interview with a person who is living the Instagram dream and traveling around the world with her partner on a remote work journey.

Feeling inspired to work out of the office? OPTiM Cafe can help. It’s the easy screen-sharing service so you can start a meeting anywhere, anytime!

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